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Hi, I'm Eline!

I am a content designer.

Check out some of my work down below or go to my LinkedIn page.

About me

An enthousiast for everything related to concepting, user centred design, social media, video, photoshop, make-up and cats. 

I recently graduated for my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia design with a content design profile. I did my graduation internship at Daadkr8 Marketing and learned a lot about media management and social media campaigns while interning there. I put my previous experience in video production to good use while graduating because I created several Facebook video campaigns. I gained that video experience at #hekje during a normal internship and I worked there on a summer job. 

Before my adventures as a content designer I graduated in make-up school and worked several internships and jobs as a make-up artist. This skill comes in handy at the most unusual moments! 

Now that I graduated I am looking for an interesting job where I can learn more about marketing and social media campaigns while expanding my skills as a content designer. 

Send me a message if you want to chat, have a job lead, want to go for a coffee or need some make-up done! 

Programs I enjoy working with

Facebook video campaign

By: Daadkr8 Marketing, Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects

While doing my graduation project at Daadkr8 Marketing I concepted, produced, created assets and edited video’s for a campaign for Harold Lintsen rijopleiding. This driving school was looking for promotion and since I was studying video’s on social media for my project this client was a good fit to include. All the video’s can be found on the Facebook of Harold Lintsen rijopleiding.

Facebook video campaign - ouder video

Concept app design

By: Me Using: Adobe Photoshop

While doing my Minor Design Apps & Services at the HAN in Arnhem I created a load of concept designs for apps. I did this all in a project team of 4 people. Here are a few of the concept apps I build in Adobe photoshop after brainstorm sessions with the project team. The designs are more prototype/wireframe based and not finalised designs. After completing these prototype/wireframe based designs the project team and I made the protoypes clickable in the prototyping program Pixate.

Concept road trip app
Concept road trip app 2

YouTube and instagram

By: Me Using: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop , Adobe After effects, Adobe Lightroom

As a side project to get better at video editing I created a YouTube channel focused on beauty tutorials because of my make-up artist background. I created weekly video’s for about 2,5 years and had a load of fun filming them. But creating weekly video's took up a load of my time so now in my free time I work almost daily on my make-up related instagram page @elinevanlent. The goal with this page was to get better at creating content with Adobe Photoshop, to not lose my skill as a make-up artist while following the study Communication & Multimedia design, and to interact and work together with cosmetic and retail companies. At this moment my page has almost 7.000 followers!

Youtube and instagram 1
youtube and instagram 2
youtube and instagram 3
youtube and instagram 4

Video production

By: #hekje and Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects

While doing my internship and working at #hekje I helped with the filming and editing of many video's. I worked for Innovate Arnhem, Jan Linders, 2keer, De basis fluvius, HAN, Fashion and design festival Arnhem and many more while interning and working at #hekje. You can check out the video's on the vimeo acount from #hekje.

Video production - Burgers zoo
Video production - Rijnstate
Video production - Jan Linders


By: #hekje, Séverine Oudhof , Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me

While doing my internship and working at #hekje I helped and created several animation video's. I worked for Parts catalog Generator, Make or Buy, Fleurbaaij Akoestiek and more. I also created the entire christmas animation of 2015 with the two other interns Debora and Séverine that where doing their internship at the same time. This was a great project to learn more about teamwork, concepting, creating assest and animate them. To check out all the animation's you can browse the #hekje vimeo account.

Animation 1
Animation 2
Animation 3